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The Story Theater Method

Make your story unforgettable

Every person who has ever given a presentation, or heard one, knows the power of a story. Stories inspire, connect, and teach. Though the stories we hear are so different, a great story encompasses some particular elements that make it great and as a result unforgettable.

Join the workshop to learn about the Story Theater Method developed by Doug Stevenson, which will help you develop such a story. The Nine Steps of this method ensure that your story has all of the elements of a compelling story, in the correct order.
Without the proper sequence, your audience may find it hard to follow you.

During the workshop you will practice writing and delivering the story you create with the Story Theater Method.



Marina Reidi


Marina Riedi is a longstanding member of Zurich TM club and a charter member of Walk the Talk. During her 12 years of Toastmastering she went from being afraid of public speaking to becoming addicted to it. Toastmasters experience gave her confidence to become a speaker, trainer and coach on the topic of Emotional Intelligence. In 2011 she joined the German Speakers Association and the Global Speakers Federation – organizations for professional speakers. There she got to know Doug Stevenson, the creator of the Story Theater Method. In summer 2012 Marina had the honor and pleasure to meet Doug and his wife Deborah in Switzerland. Marina attended the Story Theater Method training and now is actively using this method in her professional career as a speaker and trainer.

Find out more about emotional intelligence at eqpower.ch


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