Walk The Talk – Advanced Toastmasters

Public Speaking and Leadership in Zurich

On Your Mark, Set, Speech!

iterateAre you struggling to put together that next speech? Having writers block? Or you simply want to try something new?


This workshop has a simple objective: to help as many Toastmasters as possible develop a speech in one evening. All you will need for the evening is paper, pen, and energy. It is highly interactive and entertaining.

In the workshop we use all of the elements of a Toastmasters meeting (speaking in front of an audience, improvisation, quick thinking, evaluations, and timing) to help the participants elaborate the speech idea.

In the first part of the evening we…

  • find the title
  • develop the idea
  • present the speech
  • collect feedback

Then we break for supper. When we are back we…

  • refine the idea
  • present it again
  • collect more feedback
  • set a date for giving the speech

With 16 participants, 2 hours are needed to run this workshop.

This workshop is the result of two simple observations. The first is that our speeches get better the more often we present that speech in front of an audience. The second observation is that iterative processes provide more chances to learn.


If you would like to be notified the next time we run this workshop… or would like to find out if someone from our club can run this workshop at your club then please contact us.


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