Walk The Talk – Advanced Toastmasters

Public Speaking and Leadership in Zurich

Past Workshop: Master Table Topics!

Goal of the Master Table Topics! workshops:
To help you improve and be more confident when speaking off-the-cuff (Table Topics) or even give specific tips for upcoming Table Topic contests.

: Sep 30 (Wed)
Time: 19:00 – 21:10
WhereFork & Bottle Restaurant
(4 min walk from Brunau train station)

Do not hesitate to sign up (at the bottom of the page), places are limited (20).
You can look forward to two workshops focused on various aspects of Table Topics / impromptu speaking, below the event agenda:
  • Welcome & Introduction (Allison Turner, WTT President)
  • Workshop no.1 – Embrace the Spontaneity by Manuel Gomez (45 min)
  • Break for dinner & talk (30 min)
  • Workshop no.2 – A Method to This Madness by Marcel Brussee (45 min)
  • Q&A

More details about the workshops
Embrace the Spontaneity workshop by Manuel Gomez
– aimed at helping participants how to speak off the cuff by

  • drawing from previous contest material and analysis of participant’s interventions
  • dos and don’ts of Table Topics
  • to feel comfortable with Table Topics and develop your own style.

About Manuel Gomez
Manuel has been with Toastmasters since 2002 and is currently a member of Walk the Talk advanced club and Zurich Toastmasters. His amazing achievements in Toastmasters TT contests include: European Champion in Table Topics in 2007, Vienna and 2nd place (European level) in 2005, Berlin.
Before joining Toastmasters, Manuel Gomez was a member of an improvisation theater group Zurich International Performers (1992-2002).

A Method to This Madness workshop by Marcel Brussee
This workshop will give you

  • generic structure that works for most questions
  • tips for content and delivery

The most important element of speaking off-the-cuff is structure. Structure separates a clear message from panic-stricken, adrenalin-induced, stream of consciousness, word-association, meandering presentation. How do you prepare structure on-the-fly? That’s simple. Don’t. Prepare ahead of time. Have a mental model for answering questions.
With practice, you will soon become an effective impromptu speaker. With enough practice, you will look forward to Table Topics.

About Marcel Brussee
Involved with Toastmasters since 2012, Marcel is currently a member of Walk the Talk advanced club and Toastmasters Zug, recently earned his ACB and ALB award. He serves as VP Membership in the Toastmasters Zug club, following previous roles as Sergeant at Arms and Treasurer.

Sign up here


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